As a daily newspaper with a responsible editorial concept that brings accurate and verified news, NOVA has opened a slightly different window into our reality, because it explains and informs from a different angle. This is a newspaper that should be read by all generations in the house and that no one will be ashamed of, without banality and vulgarity.

The daily newspaper DANAS is one of the most influential dailies in Serbia. For the past 24 years, DANAS has established itself as an independent, highly professional, informative-political newspaper, always dealing with relevant social issues.

CITY MAGAZINE is a free, high circulation magazine (60.000 copies) with more than 500 distribution points in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and more than 10 others largest cities in Serbia.
It covers various interesting topics: urban life, culture, entertainment, fashion, hi-tech, travels, health.. Everything that an urban reader needs to meet his or hers interests in a large variety of events – can be found in the CITY MAGAZINE.