Cinemania Slider

Hit movies, Oscar and festival winners, great authors. Cinemania airs Hollywood blockbusters, cult films, the works of the world’s best directors, children’s movies and popular series. In addition to feature-length content, Cinemania also airs a diverse range of shorter content – shows about films, rundowns of the most watched movies, behind the scenes footage and cinema listings.

The best selection of film and serial programs from local and foreign production will ensure a pleasant time in front of TV and entertainment for the whole family.

Advertisement possibilities


A 5 seconds TVC broadcasted at the beginning and at the end of each commercial break. Excellent frequency and visibility.


Integration of the client’s brand with the famous channel brand. TVC positioning outside of the commercial break and the possibility of creative solutions.


Billboard in / Billboard out before and after the film, logo inserter ad during the film, TVC positioning in the commercial break and branded announcements during the whole day.

Media Kit